Many say that "fashion is dead" as a means of describing fashion to be soon extinct.

At Unsung Fashion we challenge this completely. A clear definition of being dead is no longer living. Fashion is truly alive every time one that is modish recreates it. Every time we decide to throw a smooth red leather jacket or new Nike Waffle Racers with our outfit, not to exhibit that we are "fancy" to others, but to offer perspective that we can wear anything and feel most fashionable. Dead is dead. Fashion cannot be dead seeing that it is not subject to the limitation of one, minimal quality. Fashion is stylistic, unique, enthusiastic, buzz, chic, passionate, cult-worthy, classical, elegant, moving, influential, sensation, colloquial, inclined, evolving, fluctuate, constantly resuscitated. "DEAD."

But, what is not dead are people. People who exert so much chi into living with creativity. Those who decide that the night is not black, nor is the day bright. Those who don’t settle for what’s “trendy” in society because they can be voguish in anything. People who aren’t referred as “people” but rather beings because they can distinguish themselves from average to advanced, rather than average to superior. Fashion is for people who refer to the night and day as whatever color you can envision, settle for nothing but originality, and decide that the word “being” doesn’t even begin to describe how they visualize who and what they are to become. To be as outspoken as fashion is, UF explains the corresponding relationship between eternity and creativity. ​

We are UNSUNG Fashion. ​


Unsung Fashion intends on serving our purpose as one of the worlds leading fashion companies that publishes articles appealing to all. Observe our various social media outlets where we exhibit expression worldwide. The distinguish between all cultures and creativity is nonexistent, for we use the variance to enable empowerment for self-manifestation in the ways of art. There is an aspiration to bring ceaseless artistic vision worldwide directly to our site.

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